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Oct 19, 2011

Update On 2 years old girl run over at china

salam guys...
deep pray and relieve...
orang kate doa mak - mak adalah berkat even bukan seagama..
apetahlagi kalau doa itu ade orang bilang ketika hujan.

Yue yue dah stabil but tuk for more info aku sisipkan the rest new yg aku google tadi:

Posted at 01:30 PM ET, 10/18/2011

Yue Yue, Chinese toddler run over in hit-and-run, believed to be stable

Two-year-old Yue Yue, who was left bleeding on the road after a hit-and-run accident Thursday, is now showing signs of stability, China Daily reported Tuesday. Australian news site the Herald Sun, however, continued to report that she was dead.
Two-year-old Yue Yue in intensive care. (Image via Weibo.)

Surveillance camera footage of the incident shows the toddler being hit by a white van Thursday in Foshan in Guandong Province, then being hit by another van and ignored by nearly 20 passersby for seven excruciating minutes before she was given help.
The camera provoked outrage and soul-searching in China Monday, as many wondered why no one had helped the child except a “good Samaritan” trash collector who moved her bleeding body from the road.

Chen Xianmei, the trash collecter who helped Yue Yue, has been given a reward of 10,000 yuan ($1,570) by government officials for her good deed.
Conflicting reports about the incident have only made the incident more controversial.
China Daily confidently reported the details of Yue Yue’s recovery Tuesday:
Yue Yue has regained the ability to take weak breaths with the help of respirator. The rest of her condition, including blood pressure and heart beat, shows signs of stability.
But other news outlets continued to report she was dead, andShanghaiist, an English-language blog in China that has been covering the story since it began, has not yet posted an update today about her health.
China Daily is a state-run paper sometimes referred to as the government's mouthpiece.
China Daily also reported that both drivers who hit Yue Yue have now been identified, and say they are sorry for the incident and didn’t see the child in the road.
The Shanghaiist, however, has a different story. The first driver apparently had just broken up with his girlfriend and was on his cell phone when he hit Yue Yue. The Shanghaiist reports the driver had placed a call to Yue Yue’s father to tell him he would not surrender, but would give him some money, saying:
You saw that girl on the CCTV footage, she didn't see where she was going, you know. I was on the phone when it happened, I didn't mean it. When I realized I had knocked her down, I thought I'd go down to see how she was. Then when I saw that she was already bleeding, I decided to just step on the gas pedal and escape seeing that nobody was around me.
China Daily doesn’t leave out the apathetic passersby out of the story.
But the newspaper reports that each passerby hadn’t seen the girl lying on the road because it was too dark to see. Those who have watched the video point out that a motorcyclist actually makes a circle around the girl body’s to avoid it, and other passersby are clearly seen scurrying past.
Since the video was released yesterday, many have blamed the response by passersby on the common fear in China that citizens who help an injured person will be blamed for the injuries.
In 2006, a man who helped an elderly woman to the hospital was accused of pushing her, dragged to court by her family, and forced to pay a large share of her medical bills.

Injured toddler shows signs of stability
Updated: 2011-10-18 13:20


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The condition of the two-year-old girl, Yue Yue, who was severely injured in a hit-and-run accident, is showing signs of stability, Guangdong Daily reported Tuesday.
A video of the incident, captured by a surveillance camera, shows the girl being hit by a white van before being hit by another van a few minutes later on a narrow market street in the city ofFoshan in Guangdong province on the afternoon of October 13.
Toddler: showing signs of stability
After two and a half days of treatment, good news came Monday morning that Yue Yue has regained the ability to take weak breaths with the help of respirator. The rest of her condition, including blood pressure and heart beat, shows signs of stability. However, the child's life is still in danger and she hasn't recovered the ability to breathe upsupported, reported Guangzhou Daily.
Rescuer gets big rewards
Civilization office of Foshan's Nanhai district on Monday presented 10,000 yuan ($1,570) to Chen Xianmei, a rubbish collector who offered aid to Yue Yue after the incident happened, as a reward for her kind deed, China Daily reported.
Meanwhile, a company in Foshan said that they will donate 50,000 yuan to Yue Yue’s family and the rescuer respectively.
“Besides the reward, we would like to offer Chen a job with stable income so as to encourage this kind of activity,” said an anonymous assistant manager at the company.
Hit-and-run drivers: sorry for the victim's family
As for the two drivers who hit Yue Yue, one was caught by police and the other turned himself in on Monday.
Both drivers said they didn't see the child before the accident happened, according to the police. The first driver who knocked down Yue Yue expressed regret, deep sadness and apologies to the child’s family.
Apathetic passers-by interviewed
Minutes after the accident happened, a man driving an electric tricycle passed by the injured girl. He looked back for a while before leaving the scene.
The man, surnamed Zhang, later told Guangzhou Daily that he didn't see the child lying on street or any blood stains. "I couldn't see clearly because it was dark then."
About a minute after the man passed by, another young woman holding hand of a little girl passed by Yue Yue. "The girl was bleeding in mouth and ear and crying a little. I was so scared and my girl cried because of fear, therefore, we left," said the woman surnamed Lin.
Another man wearing green cloths looked at Yue Yue from 3 meters away. He was a nearby shop owner. He denied having seen the little girl. "If I saw her, I would definitely have offered help," he said.
However netizens and neighbors do not believe his story. Neighbors talked about him and a netizen even googled his shop online out and criticized him of "lack of conscience". The shop owner said it has made him disturbed.

*hopefully betul then hopefully budak ni benar - benar selamat.
aku masih tak boleh menahan emosi bila tgk bayi kena kelar semalam.
remove la gambo tu dari fb or blog.
hancur luluh hati aku...


Anamarza said...

betul tu, tak yah la tayang gambar budak kena kelar tu, bleh menyeksa jiwa kita yg menengoknya

mama_umar_maryam said...

samelah,aku tgk kt fb ade yg ltk gamba kelar tu,aku mcm terpikir,diorg ni men letak2 je xde rase ape2 ker..mmgla tuliskomen "xpatutlah", "kesianlah" etc. tapi aku ttp xsmpi hati nk tgk

Nana said...

xsampai ati aku tgk gmbr bb kena kelar tu
mmg aku tgk sekali je pastu aku xsanggup

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